Friday, November 6, 2009

What to Shoot in Infrared?

The subject most rewarding to shoot in the infrared are sunny outdoor scenes, especially with a lot of leaves, grass and water, preferably with some Nice, white clouds in the sky. Morning and evening sunlight is richer in infrared than noon one, the light effect in the Woods foliage is generally more pronounced.

As always in photography, this is not an iron clad rule. Sometimes, an image taken under cloudy May convey a strong visual as well. For example, I like the one shown in the previous section. I shot another frame in the same place on a sunny day, and it was, I would say, trivial.

Buildings, especially with bright walls, look really good on the bottom of the dark, almost-black sky. Some people recommend for shooting IR cemeteries, as the topic goes well with the unreal atmosphere of the average - but, after all, how images cemetery can be done?
Do not limit yourself only to bright green and the dark sky. Even without these witnesses scenes of the infrared has a gradation of different shades of "normal" picture converted to B & W


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