Friday, November 6, 2009

Feature Overload

Those people who are interested in photography would know by now of Canon and Nikon’s new cameras with video capture facility in it. From what I have been hearing and reading in the forums, many people are excited about the inclusion of video capture facility in still cameras. Perhpaps I am the only person, the odd one out, who is not too excited about it. Reminds me of feature overload.

Yahoo at one time was the king of search engines, and then as time got along it failed to keep up, the home page became too cluttered and slowly it lost it’s position which it is still trying to grab. In came Google with it’s simplistic and minimalistic search engine home page and it gained popularity at an alarming rate. Ok, the popularity had a lot to do with the search results, however the user interface and the features being offered and the way the were being offered had a large part to play in it.

Google can be a simple search engine and it can be a lot more if you want it to. My concern with cameras is the same. I am afraid that they are going down the line of ‘feature overload‘ to capture market share. Digital SLR technology is at a point where we can call it stable, and there are no major leaps in the near future in terms of technological advancement, hence the manufcturers are turning to these extra features to grab market share, I just hope that they don’t turn into Yahoo.

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davespix said...

I spend 6000 to 8000 on a body every two years roughly I would rather picture quality and less time fixing on computer.
Buy a 1000 video camera to mach any video out of a still camera.
I agree just because they can overload options that most people never use
or know how to use is a waste of money.
I don't believe they will be any more than camera manufacturers but will fit as much tech in one body and charge more, with small upgrades to image quality each time.

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