Sunday, November 15, 2009

Photography Model Tips - A Good Photography Model

A good photography can be taken with a digital good or Instamatic, because everything is in the angle of the shot and pay attention to the background. Here are some tips to remember .....

1. Try going down to ground level with the model. Imagine yourself as the height of the crew aboard the ship. This gives a more realistic picture.

2. Pay attention to the background. Try to make the UN-occupied background as possible. If something happens in the background, it draws attention away from the model to be photographed. Sometimes, that's where you may want to shoot at an angle greater than for trimming the bottom.

3. When shooting, you know where you are. Always be aware of your surroundings when around models and especially the public exhibition. While you're busy to get perfect results you back in May a child or worse in the middle of someone very detailed model is preparing to launch. One guy became so trance with video recording of an event one time he literally stumbled to the end of the dock.

4. Shooting models display. Always try to photography a model display on a white background. A single sheet works well. Try one with pastel colors. If you use a white cloth to the hull will look great, but if your cabs are white they will wash in the background. Same for using a black sheet. The hull to blend into the background. Sometimes I used the sofa covered with a sheet over it so that it covers the bottom and back and you have a place to sit on the model. Use a plain background, it is easier when you play with photo editing and paste your template in a photo background.


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