Sunday, November 15, 2009

Macro Photography - Trees, Flowers and Animals

Take close-up pictures of little things called "macro photography." I have no idea why. Perhaps because the small things in macro photography are generally larger than the things you take pictures of when to do photography "microphone. If you really want to be pedantic then you should say that you "photomacrography. I take a lot more pictures in the past few months and have learned a lot in terms of technique and equipment, the time when an update.

Why do it?
There are, I think, several reasons for taking pictures, some apply to all photographs, some in particular the work of the macro. The key is the nature of beauty product, it comes in all shapes and sizes. Everywhere around you are examples I walk to work in the morning and watch the sky, it is different every day and every day is particularly wonderful. Trees and flowers are equally complex in their composition, a glorious combination of form and color, refined over millions of years. (controversial!)

The photographer's challenge is to get as close as possible to reproduce exactly this beauty. This must be done in terms of color, shape and setting. True Colors, not over-saturated images' pretty, as nature is "pretty" enough without our help. The sharpness of the image and the right perspective is essential. Finally Put your subject, whatever it is May, in its own context, represent the area, as this will inevitably add to the life of the image.

To this end, I produced several sections of thought on how to do this task rather difficult. I do not like how the ideas are made photography confusing and difficult to understand, there is no art gray, I hope things are clear and intelligible. At the end of the day, I want to see quality photos of animals I love.

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