Sunday, November 15, 2009

Baby Photography - Professional Baby Photographer

Photographing newborn babies if often quite difficult but this session was a breeze!
Daniel and Laura brought in Faye their 10 mounth old daughter recently for some pictures in the studio. Usually photographing such a young baby can be tricky as they are not that expressive and spend most of the time gurning! But baby Faye is a trouper, maybe she’s a super model to be, although tantrums are NOT permitted in my studio!

Professional baby photographer
We started off with some shots with mum and dad together and then some with Faye and Daniel and then Faye and Laura and finally just on here own. For this photography shoot I used the black background as we were going to get Faye out of her clothes and into a nice terry cloth nappy. Normally I have a white background but a babies pale skin can easily get lost against the white, black makes them stand out much more.

I always think this style of baby photography looks much nicer in black and white it seems to give it a more timeless look and concentrates the eye much more on the people.

A baby photographer needs lots of patience as you can’t ask them to do anything you just have to hope that things will work out. Also its a lot more off than on as they can get tired quite quickly so you have to plan lots of opportunity to rest and often feed!

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