Sunday, November 15, 2009

About Editorial Photographer - What is The Editorial Photographer?

Editorial Photographer defenders of fair contracts with publishers and defends the position that both photographers and editors must maintain a healthy symbiotic relationship in which both sides can prosper and profit. Editorial photographer's objective is to find positive solutions to problems facing all of us in this rapidly changing industry.

Our organization continues to evolve as well. What began in the spring of 1999, among a small group of Bay Area photographers in 2004 grew to more than 4,000 members. Although membership in Editorial Photographers has been in application, limited to editorial photographers and students, it was free.

All efforts have been funded by the gift and stimulated by volunteers. Our key argument in contract negotiations with Business Week and Forbes has resulted in significantly improved compensation for photographers, while maintaining our license fees. OutreachEP Our program has trained and mobilized hundreds of photographers, veterans and newcomers. Our online forum has changed the way photographers to communicate with each other, providing vital information and ideas.

To improve our ability to advocate for photographers, photographers increase profitability and to communicate the need for change in our industry, Editorial Photographers is undergoing restructuring. Our website will now include, with many of our previous films and relevant information:

* Find-A-Photographer search feature
* New database sales prices reprint
* Sales of New Store price database
* Improved and updated city guides
* Discussion forums Thread
* Guest columns by industry experts, including lawyers, art directors and editors

Membership will continue to be limited largely to editorial photographers and students. The annual membership which includes access to discussion forums, databases of sale price, the city guides, and inclusion in the Find-A-Photographer database is $ 50 (USD) . Student membership is $ 25, but does not include a listing in the Find-A-Photographer database.

OutreachEP educational information, copyright information, useful links, and the possibility for non-members (eg, editors and art directors) to find the Find-A-Photographer database will be freely available to the general public on the new site.

Editorial Photographer intends to use the proceeds for the benefit of its members by maintaining and regularly updating valuable information on the site, actively scrutinizing and influencing contracts, and continuing to reach out to both educate photographers and photo buyers.

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