Friday, October 15, 2010

A Clean Image Sensor - Digital Cameras

A Clean Image Sensor, Cleaning Sensor
The image sensor in a digital camera must be kept clean of dust and other foreign matter in order for it to perform to its optimum level. Depending on the environment where you do most of your shooting, spots may appear on your images. Cleaning the sensor prior to every shoot will help you to minimize or eliminate such spots in your photos. While each camera manufacturer has different recommendations for cleaning the sensor, Canon digital cameras have a sensor-cleaning mode to which the camera can be set. With the camera’s reflex mirror up (a function of the cleaning-mode setting), the company recommends light air from an air syringe to gently remove any foreign matter. Turning the camera off resets the mirror.

A Clean Image Sensor, Cleaning SensorThe newest DSLR feature a sonic vibration sensor-cleaning mode that is fully automatic and does not involve you having to touch the sensor with a cleaning device. One should realize the image sensor is an extremely delicate de vice. Do not use propelled air cans, which have airborne propellants that can coat the sensor in a fine mist, worsening the situation. More model photography articles, gallery female photography, beauty model photography please click Here

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