Sunday, August 29, 2010


Landscape Photography, Nature Photography, Art Photography
As a first step to creating fine art, precisely defining it would seem imperative. However, such a clear definition is difficult or impossible. The subjective nature of art requires a more indirect explanation, one that stems from and changes among personalities, experiences, generations, and cultures. As photography assumes a more dominant role in the wider realm of fine art, exploring b&w landscape photography within this realm is both timely and necessary. Even the definition of what constitutes a landscape is complex. As humans expand territorially, their transformation of the landscape becomes wider and more permanent. Over time, these synthetic landscapes often become as integral to the earth as any natural landscape. This expansion offers landscape photographers an almost unlimited selection of subjects. Successfully transferring the landscape from the lens to the final print requires personal creativity equally coupled with proven photographic techniques. In the final analysis, art is not so much what the subject is or what techniques the photographer uses, but what the artist and viewer feel.

Landscape Photography, Nature Photography, Beach Photography

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