Saturday, June 19, 2010

Beautiful Black And White Soft Headshot Of Female Models

Black and White, Black and White Photography, Beginner Photographer
This beautiful photographic headshot or beauty shot not taken a few meters and a few minutes apart in the same location as the first photo, but under very different lighting conditions. Photographers often get compliments on my lighting though no lights are involved only natural lighting. I pay much attention to ambient light so that helps to tell and is expected to convey the emotional images.

In photography, light scattered so that no unwanted shadows, although some photographers tried to use the flash or a reflector to fill the shadows with a light but I'm not a big fan of both.
Flash did not matter how weak can cast unnatural shadows behind ugly nose, head or body models. Reflector does not produce a natural appearance unless the audience has to blindness reflector meaning they were not aware of counterfeit securities.

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