Sunday, May 23, 2010

Advantage and Disadvantage Using Photo Store

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The old style of bringing your film to a photo store for developing is still practiced today. The only difference is that the film is no longer used. You only need to bring your digital camera and photo shop will print your photos for you.

The advantage in using photo stores is that they are complete with highly advanced machines you might not at home. Besides, they know a lot of tips and tricks to make your photos look the best. Plus, the photo store has the ability to edit your photos if you feel that it is not according to your taste. You just need to give specific instructions and they'll do the rest.

Disadvantage by using photo stores is the waiting period. Even if it does not take a long time as well as with film, you still have to wait a while before the photos were printed. Another disadvantage is that the printing machine which they use may not be the type you want on your printed photos. So better is very clear about the printing equipment that you want them to use so that these problems can be prevented.

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