Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tips for a Comfortable Boudoir Photographer

wedding photographer, headshots, famous photographersAs a photographer boudoir, you must first create a comfortable. Soft Play, but not the sexy music (classical is great), an assistant at your side, and do not physically touch the customer. Ask your assistant to rearrange their hair or clothing that has no place, or ask the customer to do for themselves. Remember, they are not used to being half-dressed in front of strangers, and should be treated with the respect you would give an executive you are shooting a headshot business. Technically, the client pushes classic boudoir photography with an open aperture, light that falls on one side of the image to another, and earthy, soft colors. This will create a soft, sensual, which is flattering to your client. Create a wonderful fun experience for the customer boudoir, and you have found a new niche in which to develop your photography business.

wedding photographer, headshots, famous photographers
Female Boudoir Model

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