Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Creative Photography: Portrait Black And White With Women Models

creative photography, female photos, black and white photography
The above photo was taken between the "setup" that is a snapshot in a way. The middle of the face is overexposed but works with the entire picture. There are some details of this photo that happens by luck. Female photos are always a fascination for photographers. Focus on the photos are beautiful and unique face lights up perfectly highlight cheekbones and lips emphasize the model. Right eye and right cheek that is turned on with the good because it will be achieved in an environment-controlled photography studio.

Also metal earrings catch the sunlight reflected by the geometric elements that provide interesting and elegant way to photography. oval shape is identical to the shape of the eyes and lips so that the model into the form of repeats. This is how I want to analyze the photos I used to study them for a few minutes. Knowing how to improvise in circumstances when taking this picture and the lack of production of "large" (no studio, lights, reflectors, assistant, pro model) make the kind of image more interesting and satisfying.

portrait model, female photos, black and white photography

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