Sunday, November 15, 2009

Technique Photography - Photographer Can Uses a Double Exposure for Artistic Effect

Double exposure refers to the technique of imposing two images in a space monkey, either by taking two images on a single frame of film or printing two different images on the same piece of photo paper. While a photographer uses a double exposure for artistic effect, if a double exposure occurs accidentally, it can potentially ruin a blow given.

Unfortunately, the later form of double exposure blurs, image indefinitely. However, when done correctly, double exposure appears in a photograph, as if an image has been superimposed on another.

One way to create a double exposure that you take a photo is to use a filter: covering a portion of the lens and take a picture, then remove the lid, place it on the other side of the goal and take another photo. At times, more than two images are exposed to a monkey under the film. In these cases, the photographer performed an exhibition "Multiple".

Ideally, the double exposure shots are best done with the camera mounted on a tripod in low to medium lighting.

Some cameras have an exposure "option twice in the course of their duties, the more often they are manual rather than digital. However, modern computer software such as Photoshop, allows a photographer to reproduce the effect of a double exposure.


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