Saturday, November 21, 2009

Technique Photography - Control Shutter Speed

Before learning about art and composition of a photograph of students need to know how to measure the light entering the camera. Too much light will overexpose the image and too little light will underexpose the photo. The light enters the camera when the shutter is open. The period during which the shutter is open is called shutter speed.

Therefore, you should be able to see that simply by adjusting the shutter speed, you can control how the image is exposed. In a situation where the subject is illuminated by the sun, the speed should be fast enough. If the subject is illuminated by a candle, then the shutter speed will be very slow.

Technique Photography Control Shutter Speed
Recognizing that quick and slow can take some getting used to because the typical image is captured in a split second. A photograph sun may take 1 / 250 second or even 1 / 1000 or 1 / 2000. When the photo is taken with a flash shutter speed is usually 1 / 60 or 1 / 90 second. Moreover, these figures typically appear on a device without the "1 /" and are displayed instead of 1000, 250, 90, 60, etc. For shutter speeds longer than one second, it seems 1'', 2.5 '', etc.

A camera automatically adjust the shutter speed by himself, but there are times when it is still useful to manually adjust. Most obviously, there may be times when you want it a shot once underexposed or overexposed. Sometimes, the photographer may want to be creative and have a vague about the movement to do this there would be a shutter speed may be a second or more (the opening and closing tight to avoid overexposure) and the subject will simply move through the frame.

When experimenting with different shutter speeds on your camera, it is important to bear in mind that the shutter speed and aperture work together. Usually, when you set that you must also compensate by adjusting the other.

Technique Photography Control Shutter Speed
Also, try to get your head around the idea that many things can happen in a second. A photo taken at least 1 / 60 of a second can easily blur due to camera shake and moving subjects.

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