Monday, November 2, 2009

Still Life with Abstract Photography and Philosophy

Still Life with Abstract Photography and Philosophy


Each of us has ideas that we find either on canvas or in private. Inspiration is everywhere. Take your sense everywhere and create beauty with amazing camera. Beat the master of abstract photography-Josef Sudek, if you wish.

Abstract photography is a method of creating an image using color and pattern of the absence of its true meaning and subject clear. Abstract philosophy to create a stunning effect and embrace more imagination and pay much attention to texture and color rather than to serve the whole subject. The definition of abstract philosophy is similar to abstract painting in a way that its meaning is a secret, and yet as illusory as any other art form.


Abstract philosophy is not simply represent an object with abstruse effect. It is more than just create objects with blurred image. The work of something abstract means of photography, which can be interpreted, but not seen. However, since this kind of work permeates subjective interpretation of each abstract philosophy is so complex that it is difficult to define and understand.

Abstract philosophy works in any technique nearly as complex. For example, the image of a flower is depicted clearly in many still life. With the philosophy that even abstract image will have a different representation (such as manipulating the color tones) is fascinating for the eyes.

There is no rule in the abstract photography work as long as your imagination with wills and different perspective can make the meaning of an object hidden in the image.

The key to creating an abstract painting is perfect to understand the world as surrounded by models. For pattern involving images. Nature model is a major manufacturer. In observing the spirit just and imaginative, you can create a topic in surprisingly abstract photography. Rethink how you represent that you see in the outside world is a great abstract subject. Macro photography is an example of having a major theme of abstract photography. Flowers and other plants fail threshold to give you some inspiration. Others like the light of the street can also satisfy your hunger in the creation topics for your abstract photography abstract marketable.

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