Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Points of Interest and Get in Close Animal Photography Tips

1. Points of Interest - Before you start photographing an animal ask yourself what is it about this animal I want? What attracted you to the photograph above other animals around you? Does it color, is it in a humorous pose, it is the subject of expression, is there anything on its surroundings? The reason for asking these questions is that they help you identify areas of potential interest to your image (something that will take your shooting to the next level) and help you determine how to approach the fire .

2. Get in close - as with many styles of photography, if you are able to get closer to your subject you create a sense of intimacy with him and are able to grasp the details you would otherwise not see. Of course with animals in cages, it is a challenge and approaches almost always need to be done by using a larger focal length (you can of course help a little to shoot as close as you can get without violating the zoo). Culture sealed face of the animal or body helps you shoot with a real impact, but also helps to eliminate distracting elements in the picture.

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