Friday, November 6, 2009

Macro Photography

The concept of macro photography is becoming more universal: if a tool or technique improves the final image, use it!

Macro photography, also known as Macro, refers to taking pictures of things very closely. Although traditionally called macro photography to take pictures with a larger sensor than the subject, now includes taking pictures in which the image appears at least as great as is the case in reality. The advent of digital cameras has made photography more accessible to macro-General photographer. However, macro photography professionals with traditional cameras requires an acute awareness of lighting, orientation and requirements of the target.

Traditionally, macro photography is defined as a picture in which the subject has a ratio of 1:1 with the negative image. This means that the image of the object on the negative is exactly the same size as the subject real life. So, no magnification is used.

With the development of digital cameras, the old definition of macro photography began to change. Today, zoom lenses and magnification are often used for macro photography. Macro photography requires a number of different accessories, including a macro lens, an extension tube attaching a camera lens and a reversing ring (an attachment which allows photographers to reach the goal ' rear). Other tools, like a macro lens or a telephoto dilution, may also improve your macro pictures.

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