Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Landscape Photography - Tips for Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography Tips, Landscape PhotographyThe landscape photography is not limited to natural environments. The strip malls, yards, and cityscapes are all possible subjects for landscape photography. Take photos of landscape quality requires a few extra pieces of equipment and lots of practice working with techniques that help make effective landscape photos. Weather conditions are often interesting photos of spectacular scenery. Lightning, fog, snow - The time itself is the subject. Work quickly with plans of clouds as they change rapidly. Cloud underexpose shots for slightly darker images. Include a horizon in sky photos. Try shots sunset over a body of water. Underexpose these shots and shoot quickly when the sun dips into the horizon soon. Try to focus on a subject facing the sun and keep the sun to concentrate to get different results. Lighting reflects the mood and tone in a photograph. Watch the landscape scene throughout the day to determine when the light is best. Cascades. Get close and capture water in motion. Try using a slow shutter speed to capture the sense of movement by blurring the water. Keep camera parallel to the horizon to avoid sense of water flowing downhill. Get close to capture waves and spray from waves in the air.

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