Saturday, November 7, 2009

Gothic Lolita - The style

Gothic Lolita style is usually a combination of black and white, often black with white lace and typically decorated with ribbons and lace trim. Skirts are knee length and may have a crinoline or petticoat to add volume. As in traditional Japanese fashion, over the socks or knee socks are extremely popular. Black fishnet stockings and white or black tights are also common. Shoes or boots with high heels - although the heels are usually not - like Mary Janes, complete the look. The frilly, ruffles or lace Victorian blouses are also very popular especially with "EGL" types, which are also favorable in May long skirts and jackets rather than overtly "childish" designs typical gothloli's. Apart from the occasional shortness of skirts, designs are usually modest, sometimes with long lace-capped sleeves.

Some additions may include an Alice in Wonderland-style apron, tiny top hats, parasols, lace gloves, and lace headdresses. Most black or white, headgear might be a headband with ruffles, ribbons, lace or bows. Sometimes even bonnets worn. Hair may be curled to complete the look of porcelain doll. The natural color of dark Japanese hair may be lightened to blonde or black guard. Some may choose to wear wigs as well.

Makeup is used sparingly and is seen more often with EGL styles than with other styles gothloli. Black eyeliner is typical. A pale complexion is preferred, so white foundation might be used. Lipstick red or black is seen but lighter makeup is the rule.

Goken held May Lolita Accessory, accessories such as pocketbooks in mind, hat boxes, handbags and other bags, sometimes in the shape of bats, coffins, and crucifixes. Teddy bears and other stuffed animals are also common, and some brands make special "Goken" teddy bear in black leather or PVC. In addition, many Dollfie Lolita own Super Goken and transport.

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