Friday, November 6, 2009

Getting Started with Infrared Photography

Infrared photography is like nothing else. I'm sure you saw photos IR around the web, but perhaps you do not know how to get this special effect? Look no further, here is a guide on what to consider when choosing your subject, how to shoot and what to do in post production.

Photography is the art of capturing light, infrared photography, the other is the art of capturing light invisible - but the challenge comes with its advantages, infrared photography can be really attention grabbing and d ' another world.


What you need?
First, you must have a D-SLR camera with a lens that can use filters. Then you need to buy a IR filter, there are a few there and the main difference (assuming that we are in the same brand) is the range of wavelengths that the filter misses.

The IR filter I use is the Hoya R72, RI all photos in this article are taken using the filter. I am very happy with this filter, but since it is the only one I tried I can not recommend it above any other.

Another piece of equipment that is crucial is the tripod. With digital SLRs, it is impossible to take IR photos without stabilizer appropriate. Of course, I guess you could have your camera on a table or a rock solid, but the best way is probably to get a good tripod. Since we use a slow shutter speed, long exposure, tripod to be very stable.

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