Monday, November 2, 2009

Car Photography Basics

Car Photography Basics

For photography seems easier than other forms because the issues you are dealing with are mostly still alive. But cars photography can be a challenge when you have to consider other factors as the origin and location. In photograph of car, you do not have much choice, where to shoot your subject.

It's not as if you have a huge warehouse-studio to do your thing. If you have a theme of Nice could be completed by the rarity of the car, being able to find the perfect place to run your idea may be a luxury.


Apart from that, unless you have a garage full of classic cars and custom, you may need to frequent various car shows to satisfy your hobby. Better yet, you might as well try to earn a living with photography of cars by laying your portfolio and submitting to magazines and newspapers car. This way, you will have instant access to these auto shows.

However, car shows are not really the best place for automotive photography. Most one-time events like these are too crowded that products suffer disproportionately. Like most car shows are made inside, it may be harder for you to manipulate the lighting.

The solution to that is away from taking pictures of the eyes, where most of crowd movements occur. In photograph of car, there's nothing wrong with close shots. This helps you when you car inside shows when poor lighting tends to get in the way. It is not necessary to take full shots of the car. It is preferable to focus on what makes the car interesting by choosing an angle that focuses on one such character.

It is important to always be a theme to each photo. Know your subject and let your picture to explain why it is useful to capture them.

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