Saturday, November 7, 2009

Black And White Landscape Photography (BW)

If you shoot using film, you can still buy shares in black and white. There are probably more types of films available today as there has in the past. If you're shooting digital, you're almost certainly restricted to shooting in color (although some digital cameras do not offer an option of shooting in black and white).

So if you want to try your luck for Photgraphy black & white, what can you do? Shoot in color and use your digital darkroom to produce beautiful photos in black and white!

I'll add some techniques in black and white for the site if you want to try your hand. But as a taster, here are some things you should be aware of white and black in mind:

  • Learning to see among users of film in black and white - Serious Black & White view a scene through a lens that has generally a color filter attached. Digital darkrooms will help you convert your color photos into black and white in a variety of ways.
  • Pattern and Symmetry - both are very well suited to black and white.
  • Your light and contrast - vary the tonal balance of a photo to enhance particular characteristics of a photograph (with color, this would result in too saturated color is creating a very unnatural looking photo)
  • Use filters to target - just as with color, they can be used with black and white
  • Darkening Skies - Sky lend real atmosphere of a black and white. Learn how to make the best of them.
  • Conversion techniques Black And White - Photoshop to convert color images into black and white.

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