Sunday, November 1, 2009

Best Wedding Photography Tips

Best Wedding Photography Tips

- Never over promise and under deliver. After the wedding, give yourself enough time to prepare photos before you set up a time for the bride and groom to see them. If you cut yourself short, quality of work you show them suffer and ruin your reputation. If you do not keep your promises, you'll ruin your reputation even faster.

Best Wedding Photography Tips, Wedding Photography
- More than shoot rather than under take to ensure you get the photos you need. Memory devices are very cheap these days and since you do not develop all strokes and in time the old movies, you have nothing to lose and a lot of security to make drawing more than photos rather than less. But do not pull zillion shots of the same (ie, a dozen shots to the back of the bride and groom as they stand before the altar), just because you have more time to kill.

- Laying the portraits carefully, paying attention to every detail. Adjust the dresses and hair before taking the photo, check the lighting and make sure you do not have a tree, lamp post, or any other object "growing" out of someone's head.

- Make your job quietly, drawing as little attention to yourself as possible. Soon it will be like if you were almost invisible and you will be able to get quality shots that the bride and groom and their guests-let their guard down.

- RAW is the best way to shoot weddings so you can make any adjustments after the day is over. It is a day you'll never be able to resume, so if you miss the ball or Goof it up, have the RAW version, you can change is the only chance you have to save him.

- Sit down with the bride and groom in advance for details about his family, wedding, and their preferred style of portraiture.

- Tap the bride and groom, with Photoshop Elements or similar photographs on final so you can always put great portraits immediately, even if you do not pay extra for that. Your reputation is at stake every time someone looks at one of your photographs.

Best Wedding Photography Tips, Wedding Photography

- Use of names of people when you speak with the lead to photographs. It is much more personal.

- View this day as the most special day (at least so far), in Bride and groom's life together and do everything possible to make it meaningful for them and take photos that will relive the magic again when they look at them.

- Working with a contract or written agreement that outlines all the details, including who owns the photos, how much money will be exchanged, when it is due and how they are paid, and exactly what the couple can expect for this tax.

- X-spective that there will be some challenges during the day and are determined to take in your stride. Whatever you do, do not get short with Great-Aunt Betty while she tries to tell you how to do your job.

- Your wardrobe should be clear, neutral, professional and discreet. You do not want to stand out from the crowd.

- Zoom to get lots of candid shots from a distance where the bride, groom and guests will not even be aware that you photograph them.

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