Monday, November 23, 2009

About Nature Photography - What is The Nature of Photography?

Nature photography is photography of these things. There is a wide spectrum that is included in nature photography. Photos of sunsets, sunrises and ocean waves lapping the shore are all nature photography. So are the trees in the forest and beautiful flowers growing in an open field. But nature photography can go even deeper than that, showing us parts of the world we may not be able to see otherwise. If you live in the south, you may not see the snowy mountains, if it were not for nature photography. You may not be able to see a deep canyon, a volcano, or a nice beach if it were not for photographs of these places. The photographers who bring us pictures of these places give us a picture of something we may never see. It's really an amazing gift to give. Nature Photographers But what if you're one of those people taking pictures?

Nature Photography, The Nature of Photography
What if you are the photographer of the loving nature that gives this fantastic gift to someone else? You give a gift to others. But you also do something you love. Nature Photography can be done by someone who has a love for nature and sees its beauty and can capture a photograph so others can see and touch the same experience. So how do you take great nature photography? The first step is to have an eye for these beautiful images. The second step is to have a camera. That's really all it takes. But as you grow as a photographer, you learn to take better pictures and capture the image in a way that others can see the amazing sight that you saw. You will learn all about lighting and backgrounds and focus and you can take better pictures. Nature Photography is a rewarding experience for the photographer and also for people who get to see the results. You took a piece of nature which may otherwise go unnoticed, like a rainbow, and you capture it permanently in an image that you can consult at any time you choose. It is a pleasant and rewarding photography. In nature photography, you are able to take two things that you love and combine them with a beautiful and artistic way.

Nature Photography, The Nature of Photography

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